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Enhance customer communication effortlessly with Occuz 360 Engage. Seamlessly connect with your audience across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more, all in real-time, from a single centralized hub. Streamlining your responses and interactions to comments, messages and mentions while maximizing engagement with Occuz 360 Engage, your ultimate communication solution.

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Integrates with Major Social Networks

Occuz 360 Engage seamlessly integrates with major social and digital channels, enabling you to effortlessly manage and communicate with your customers across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more, not to mention it's customizability.

Realtime Inbound Communications

With Occuz 360 Engage, you receive real-time inbound communications from all the channels you connect, ensuring that you never miss a message or opportunity to engage with your customers promptly and effectively, either it be an inquiry or support request.

Convert Engagement to Satisfied Customers

Convert engagement into satisfied customers with Occuz 360 Engage's powerful tools and features. Nurture relationships, provide exceptional support, and deliver personalized experiences to turn your engaged audience into loyal and happy customers.

Understand your engagement from a community centric analytics prespective

Occuz 360 Engage allows you to analyze your engagement not from a page prespective but from an organizations community management centric prespective allowing you to zero down on each channel, agent, product, department and much more


Improve productivity and accuracy

Boost productivity and accuracy in managing your digital community's communication with Occuz 360 Engage. Streamline communications, efficiently handle messages, comments and mentions while staying organized, ensuring timely responses and effective engagement by being always upto date through comprehensive dashboard analytics.


Measure how to get things done faster and better

  • Understand how many conversations are happening with your brand
  • Analyze how many times on average you are engageing with a conversation before its closed
  • Get a detailed undersatnding on what your response times and close times are

Start understanding your conversations based on channel

See your conversations segmented based on channel and dig deeper into understanding each channels requirements based on your tags and departments

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Built with digital community management
professionals in-mind

With Occuz 360 Engage, you have the flexibility to create up to three levels of tags and subtags, empowering you to analyze products, services, categories, and more. Here's how it benefits you:

  • Precise tagging for categorization and analysis
  • Granular analysis of customer interactions
  • Custom reports for optimizing business strategy

Occuz 360 Engage empowers quick responses through predefined messages, while maintaining brand control over external communication tone and approach

  • Customizable Predefined messages for swift responses
  • Brand control over communication tone
  • Efficient management of external communications

Occuz 360 Engage enables conversation splitting by time or topic, selection of communication types (public/private), and enforced tag selection for closed conversations

  • Split conversations by time or topic manually or automatically
  • Select communication types recieved: all, public only or private only
  • Enforce tag selections for closed conversations

Occuz 360 Engage enables the creation of multiple rooms with specific digital channels and user agents, allowing brands to evolve in communication complexity

  • Create multiple rooms with specific channels
  • Manage complexity of communications
  • Control opening and closing hours

Why ours customers trust Occuz 360


Focused on ensuring our users requirements become our priority


Of all digital channels communications linked to the tool are recieved


In providing prompt personalized support to any request our users my have

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