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Boost your marketing campaign efforts with Occuz 360 Shortener. Easily shorten long URL's to memorable, trackable short URL's using our free domain or a custome domain, enhancing brand visibility and tracking effectiveness of your campaigns.

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Understanding your audience clicks and behaviour is half the job done to better engagement and reduced cost

Occuz 360 Shortener campaign analytics is the key to understanding your audience's clicks and behavior, paving the way for enhanced engagement and reduced costs. By gaining insights into their actions, engagement and un-engaged audiences, you can optimize campaigns and maximize results

Aduience Locations

Get visibility on the devices, locations and software your audience uses

Occuz 360 Shortener campaign URL's provide visibility into the devices, locations, and software preferences of your audience, allowing for targeted optimization and improved campaign performance

Click Rates

Analyze each campaigns click rates, projected conversion rates and un-engaged audiences

  • Analyzing click rates provides insights for campaign performance evaluation
  • Projected conversion rates help gauge campaign effectiveness and ROI
  • Identifying un-engaged audiences allows for targeted and cost optimization and re-engagement strategies
Peak Time

The perfect time to send out a campaign, should not be that difficult

Occuz 360 Shortener empowers you to determine the optimal timing for sending out campaigns, whether it's SMS, email, social media, or any other type. By analyzing engagement patterns, you can schedule campaigns for maximum audience response and engagement

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Built for campaign tracking performance

Occuz 360 Shortener creates short URL's for static and social campaigns, enabling performance measurement from different channels, locations, ISPs, and more

  • Create short URL's for static and social campaigns
  • Measure click performance across channels
  • Track data such as unique clicks, gross rate, location, ISP, IP and more

Occuz 360 Shortener generates short URL's for dynamic campaigns, offering customized links for individual members to track engagement and provide in-depth reporting

  • Create short URL's for sms and email campaigns specific to each member in an audience list
  • Track individual member engagement
  • In-depth reporting for engaged and unengaged audiences

Occuz 360 Shortener enables you to upload an audience list and generate customized links for members, offering two types of results: individual links for the same landing page or multiple landing pages based on specific customer preferences

  • Upload audience list, generate customized links
  • Two result options: same landing page or multiple landing pages
  • Tailored links based on customer preferences

Occuz 360 Shortener gives you the flexibility to use a free shortener domain or link it to one or multiple branded domains. This empowers you with brand image control and recognition in your campaign creations

  • Free shortener domain or branded domains
  • Control and recognition of brand image
  • Flexibility in campaign creations

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